My promise letter to my girlfriend.

My promise to you.

I promise,

to do my best to understand.
To give you everything you need and attempt at everything you want.
To be there when you need whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally.
To provide when I need to and when I don’t.
To try to remind you every day that I love you.
To try to stay awake when you work late.
To show you that you’re the only one I want.
To be open to new things.
To make sure you know that you’re beautiful.

I promise,

that your house is the only place I want to be.
Your bed is the only bed I need.
Your arms are the only thing that needs to hold me.
Your mind is what I want to occupy.
And your heart is the only place I need to reside.

I promise,

the only way I will leave is if you tell me to.

So if you take all of this and put it in to a piece of jewelery I’d imagine it would look like what’s in that box. So go ahead and open it.


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